Nicole Henry Singing

Nicole Henry Miami Multi-Cam Concert Video

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Nicole Henry Singing

Check out the highlight video from our full length coverage of America’s First Lady Of Jazz, Nicole Henry performing at her 7th Annual Winter Concert at The Colony Theater in Miami Beach. A favorite here at Lensology amongst other tunes, is the song ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical ‘Annie’.

‘Tomorrow’ may seem a strange choice at first, but what a clever showcase vehicle for Ms Henry’s talents. Any musician will know that mastery of ‘swell’ (rise and fall in volume), mastery of pitch and vibrato, and above all, perfect PHRASING! PHRASING! PHRASING! is what separates a singer from a vocalist, and a vocalist from a STAR……and Ms Henry is surely a Star. Listen and enjoy!!

Filmed and produced by Gareth MT from Lensology Photography And Video. Please enjoy the highlight clip below.

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