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Moviequ At LA Tech Day

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Moviequ At LA Tech Day Event Photography was hard work but great fun. Joining in to pitch the Moviequ App to the public s we often do to help the team, AND shooting event photography AND shooting market research shots with our Shoot n Share iPad camera was a fun pice of multi-tasking. our years in the promotions industry sure came in handy.

Moviequ is a free IOS App that assists moviegoers in remembering the trailers of previews of movies. Kinda like Shazaam for movies, your iPhone will recognize the soundtrack of a movie and add it to a queue for you with added info of show times, locations etc…..super cool.

The Movieque team were great to work with and we wish them all success with their app. Here’s what they had to say about us….
“Great experience all round. Gareth was awesome. He was prompt and efficient and was able to engage the crowd at the event to create an awesome portfolio of pictures. Great job!” Rakesh N. – Owner @ Moviequ.