Silver Surfer No 11 Located And Acquired

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Well Lensology Fans, it can’t all be about business can it? We at Lensology are avid lovers of all things Silver Surfer. The early story lines and artwork are pure classics up until issue 19 when the style of artwork bombed, and The Surfers unbreakable sense of honor and the fact that he always tried to do the right thing in the face of all adversity endears him to our hearts, and sets a high standard for us to follow, and that we daily try to infuse into our personal life and also into our working life in Lensology.

This is issue #11 original December 1968 in 8.0 condition that Lensology Owner, Gareth T’s Mom bought him for Christmas. We are trying to collect all 19 in 8.0 CGC, hopefully without breaking the bank lol.

CGC is a method where the comic is graded and then placed in a sealed plastic case to remain at that same grade until the seal is broken…..which on our comics will be never.

How can you read them?……I hear you ask. But we have read them so many times already that we could write the script. Excelsior!

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