Lensology was hired for a third year running, to handle IBEW LOCAL 18’s annual holiday party. This year they expanded our services to Step And Repeat, Onsite Printing, Photo Booth, and Roving Photographer. This meant putting high quality branded photo prints into the hands of almost 1000 guests….TWICE in four hours! Looking forward to this years event in Los Angeles which we’ve just been re-booked for!!

For those who don’t know who IBEW is, y’know when your electricity goes out? and a big truck comes? and some dudes climb the  telegraph pole and risk life and limb so you don’t miss that crucial episode of Game Of Thrones? Yep….that’s these guys. The power and water workers of America, and the International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers, or IBEW to their friends, is their NATIONWIDE union that helps make sure our Power Worker Heroes are safe and well treated.

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